Staff Directory


Abram, Teresa
Extension 5568
Title Marketing & Communications Coordinator
Alexander, Nicholas
Extension 6702
Title Networking Instructor
Alexander, Stephen
Extension 5645
Title Instructor - 3D Animation
Allen, Billy
Extension 5629
Title Instructor - Social Studies SCORE
Allen, Susan
Title Evening Custodian
Allrunner, Daniel
Extension 5672
Title Grounds Maintenance
Alston, Jenna
Extension 5612
Title Activities Coordinator
Alston, Lance
Extension 5625
Title Director of Information Technology
Anderson, Valerie
Extension 6761
Title Human Resources Director
Andis, David
Extension 6709
Title Custodian
Archer, Jackie
Extension 5637
Title Performance and Planning Coordinator
Archer, Michael
Extension 5518
Title Testing Center Coordinator
Bailey, Debbi
Title Instructor - Pre-Engineering, LPS Site
Bailey, Karen
Extension 5526
Title Deputy Superintendent
Barnett, Kristy
Extension 5531
Title Disability Services Coordinator
Basa, Wendy
Extension 5605
Title Secretary, Full-time Adult
Bennett, Scott
Extension 5632
Title Instructor - Industrial
Betancourt, Eli
Extension 6704
Title Electrical/HVAC Teaching Assistant
Biggs, Tanner
Extension 5651
Title S.C.O.R.E. Construction Trades Instructor
Billen, John
Extension 5692
Title Maintenance
Billen, Lindsey
Extension 5676
Title Director of Finance
Billy, Tricia
Extension 2017
Title Instructor
Bishop, James
Extension 5662
Title Director of Instruction
Brandon, Wayne
Extension 5559
Title Evening Custodian
Bratcher, Phil
Extension 5692
Title Maintenance
Bridges, Jeff
Extension 5659
Title Audio/Video Specialist
Bridges, Keith
Extension 5558
Title Director of Economic Development
Brock, Kelly
Extension 5610
Title Teacher Prep Instructor
Brown, Marcia
Extension 5511
Title Instructor - Pre-Engineering
Browning, Trace
Extension 5652
Title Instructor - Tech Exploration
Bryant, Bob
Extension 5692
Title Painter
Carter, Kelly
Extension 5563
Title Industrial Maintenance Instructor (Non-Electrical)
Carter, Mandy
Extension 2002
Title Career Counselor - Tillman/Kiowa campus
Cauthon, Bryan
Extension 5623
Title Business Training Coordinator
Churchwell, Michelle
Title Instructional Coordinator
Coffey, Grandena
Extension 5572
Title Instructor - Pre-Engineering
Cole, Jeremy
Extension 6751
Title Industrial Maintenance Instructor
Cole, Joan
Title Instructor - Pre-Engineering, LPS Site
Collins, Colton
Covington, Glenda
Extension 5616
Title Inventory Data Entry/Secretary
Craddock, Bunnie
Extension 5621
Title Instructor - Digital Graphic Design
Crespo, Rebekah
Extension 5570
Title Medical Building Office Manager
Davidson, Dustin
Extension 5534
Title Financial Aid/Veteran's Affairs Coordinator
Davidson, Reggie
Extension 5527
Title Custodial Supervisor
Davis, Brad
Extension 5522
Title Instructor - Criminal Justice Officer
Davis, Willie
Extension 5517
Title Senior PC Technician
Dees, Tyler
Extension 5547
Title Network Administrator
DeLong, Penny
Extension 5523
Title Instructor - Academic
Diamond, Nikk
Extension 5561
Title Evening Custodian
Dorrell, Mitch
Douglas, Michelle
Extension 5551
Title Instructor - Corporate Training
Elam, Donald
Ferguson, Courtney
Extension 5539
Title Career Counselor
Ferguson, Michael
Extension 5554
Title Procurement Coordinator
Filer, Kelly
Extension 5550
Title Business and Industry Secretary
Fink, Valerie
Extension 5638
Title Counselor
Fortney, Clarence
Extension 5501
Title Superintendent/CEO
Fortney, Sheree
Extension 6707
Title Instructor - Academic
Foster, Leslie
Fritts, Miranda
Extension 2006
Title Instructor - Multimedia
Fultz, Leah
Extension 5673
Title Treasurer
Gatlin, Terry
Extension 5692
Title Grounds Keeper/Custodian
Gibson, Koby
Extension 5618
Title Instructor - Residential and Commercial HVAC
Givens, Leslie
Extension 2016
Title Instructor - Practical Nursing
Gladden, Debbie
Extension 5670
Title Medical Secretary
Gladden, Keith
Extension 6713
Title Testing Proctor
Glover, Annie
Gould, Morgan
Extension 5553
Title Director, Business and Industry Services
Graham, Chesley
Extension 5684
Title Employment Advisor
Grant, Elisha P.
Grant, Erica
Extension 5592
Title Instructor - Licensed Practical Nurse
Grant, Lori
Extension 5622
Title Instructor - Culinary
Greenlee, Sally
Extension 5524
Title Marketing Specialist
Hanefield, Nadine
Extension 5646
Title Instructor - Hospitality Services
Hannah, Hannah
Extension 6710
Title IT Secretary
Hardy Brooks, Susan
Extension 5671
Title Director of Marketing & Communications
Hargrove, Paula
Extension 5647
Title Instructor - Pre-Engineering
Helton, Jayme
Extension 5675
Title Accounts Payable Agent
Henry, Helen
Hernandez, Anita
Hess, Michele
Extension 5690
Title Application/Database Administrator
Hicks, Devon
Extension 6710
Title ACD Office Manager
High, Cheryl
Extension 5510
Title Secretary/Receptionist
Hixon, Pamela
Extension 5682
Title SCORE Secretary
Hoffman, Ginger
Extension 5639
Title ABE Instructor Coordinator
Holt, Cody
Extension 5519
Title Business Development Center Coordinator
Horton, Amy
Extension 5650
Title Instructor - Math and Science SCORE
Howell, Nancy
Extension 5582
Title Instructor - EMT / Firefighter Training
Hunter, Todd
Extension 6768
Title Construction Trades Instructor Assistant
Ingraham, Madeliene
Title Adult Career Development Secretary
Jamison, Linda
Extension 5606
Title ACD Training Coordinator
Janda, Clinton
Extension 5565
Title Agri-Business Management Coordinator
Johnson, Shawn
Extension 5552
Title Coordinator of Safety/Environmental Training
Jolly, Joelle
Extension 5640
Title Director of Student Support Services
Josey, Anthony
Extension 5627
Title Instructor - Combination Collision Repair
Keller, Karen
Extension 5667
Title Instructional Technology Assistant
Klein, Mike
Extension 5653
Title Instructor - Electrical
Lambert, Cherri
Extension 5514
Title Safety Training Coordinator
Layman, Jennifer
Extension 5541
Title Counselor
Lewis, Matt
Extension 5540
Title Instructor - Science SCORE
Littau, Konrad
Extension 5626
Title Instructor - Welding
Mahaffey, Rhonda
Extension 5503
Title Counselor
Martin, Cherisse
Extension 5681
Title Instructor - Surgical Technology Assistant
Matthey, Bill
Extension 5614
Title Director of Instructional Support Services
Mayer, Brandon
Extension 5633
Title Instructor - Anatomy & Physiology
McCarthy, Thomas
Extension 6759
Title YIELD Assistant Director
McClellan, Tracy
Extension 5587
Title Courseware Production Specialist
McKee, Ken
Extension 5525
Title Campus Director
McNeil, Justin
Extension 5601
Title Campus Director/Principal
Metzger, Nicole
Extension 5613
Title Instructor - Administrative & Information Support
Mitchell, Debbie
Extension 5669
Title Accountant
Moore, Jessica
Extension 5538
Title SCORE Receptionist
Morales, Carletta
Extension 5596
Title Instructor - LTC/HHC Nursing Assistant
Morales, Tammy
Extension 5607
Title Registrar
Morgan, Candie
Extension 5691
Title Purchasing Agent
Morgan, Carley
Title Teaching Assistant - Culinary Arts
Neeley, Brian
Neeley, Justin
Extension 5697
Title Director of Purchasing and Maintenance
Neighbors, Donald
Title Custodian
Neighbors, Lisa
Extension 5608
Title Secretary
Nelson, Scott
Extension 5642
Title Instructor - Biomedical Science and Medicine
Newman, Penny
Extension 2000
Title Secretary
Newsom, Dana
Extension 5509
Title Business Center Secretary
Newsom, Larry
Extension 5663
Title Instructor - Corporate Training
Null, Lynn
Extension 5556
Title Small Business Management Coordinator
Ousley, Deborah
Extension 5578
Title Instructor - Radiologic Technology
Ozment, Emily
Extension 6708
Title Biomedical Instructor
Penland, Donna
Extension 5636
Title Food Service Worker/Teacher Aide
Pennington, Marcy
Title Evening Training Coordinator
Perez, Valentina
Extension 2012
Title Custodian
Pledger, Linda
Extension 6764
Poythress, Elke
Extension 5542
Title Custodian
Prater, Alanna
Extension 5615
Title Instructor - Academic
Prisby, Casey
Extension 5590
Title Instructor - Licensed Practical Nurse
Ray, Kay
Extension 5668
Title Instructor - Licensed Practical Nurse
Reddic, Melissa
Title Instructor - Culinary
Reed, Debbie
Extension 5562
Title Testing Center Proctor
Regan, James
Extension 5686
Title Yield Executive Director
Robinson, Tyler
Extension 5536
Title PC Technician
Rocha, Livia
Rump, Anne
Extension 5666
Title Secretary, ACD Evening
Schemonia, William
Schlecht, William
Extension 5545
Title Instructor - Biomedical Science and Medicine
Schoening, Laurie
Title Instructor - Pre-Engineering, LPS Site
Seibold, Ginger
Sherrill, Terry
Extension 2012
Title Maintenance
Shirey, Karen
Extension 5580
Title Licensed Practical Nurse Coordinator
Simms, Judy
Extension 5643
Title Great Plains Supply Coordinator
Simpson, Emily
Smith, Bryan
Extension 2015
Title Instructor - Frame Carpentry
Smith, Cheyenne
Extension 5506
Title Secretary, ACD Evening
Smith, Kelly
Extension 6776
Title Clinical Coordinator
Snodgrass, Clayton
Extension 5546
Title Instructor - Residential and Commercial Carpentry
Standridge, Jeff
Extension 5528
Title Instructor - Desktop Support Technician
Stone Jr., Brent
Extension 2010
Title Instructor - Combination Welder - Frederick
Stowers, Sheila
Thomas, Blake
Extension 5620
Title SCORE Director
Thomas, Mandee
Extension 5529
Title Academic Center Coordinator
Thomason, Michael
Extension 5631
Title Instructor - Automotive Service Technician
Tibbs, Dan
Extension 5611
Title Instructor - Multimedia Assistant
Tiger, Jory
Title Grounds Maintenance
Vernon, Ashlee
Extension 5600
Title Attendance Secretary
Vernon, Gerald
Extension 5693
Title Custodian
Walls, Shannon
Extension 5573
Title Advanced Respiratory Therapist Clinical Director
Weaver, Joyce
Whitaker, Allen
Extension 5630
Title Instructor - Automotive Service Technician
Wiersema, Jimmy
Extension 6788
Title Instructional Technology Specialist
Williams, Pam
Extension 5619
Title Instructor - Licensed Practical Nurse
Willrich, Cassandra
Extension 5513
Title Coordinator of Technical Training
Wills, Traci
Windover, Thomas
Extension 5537
Title Senior Network Administrator
Wolverton, Steve
Extension 5657
Title Instructor - Academic
Womack, Leigh Ann
Extension 5543
Title Client Records Secretary
Woodburn, Vicky
Extension 5654
Title Custodian
Woods, Regina
Woody, Linda
Extension 2008
Title Instructor - Cosmetology