COVID-19 Pandemic Temporary Remote Work Agreement

  • This temporary remote work agreement during the COVID-19 pandemic will begin on the following date and will end as determined by school administration:
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • The employee agrees to the following conditions:

    The employee will remain accessible and productive during scheduled work hours to complete any applicable regular duties and/or other duties as assigned by their supervisor

    The employee will check school email and/or voicemail as required; twice daily at minimum, once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

    Hourly employees will record all hours worked and meal periods taken in accordance with regular timekeeping practices.

    Hourly employees will obtain Director approval prior to working unscheduled overtime hours.

    The employee will remain available to report to the school as necessary upon directive from their Director or supervisor at any time during scheduled work hours.

    The employee will communicate regularly with his or her supervisor and co-workers, which includes a daily written report of activities.

    The employee will comply with all Great Plains Technology Center rules, policies, practices and instructions that would apply if the employee were working at the school’s work location.

    Leave will be taken in accordance with Great Plains Technology Center policy if the employee will be unavailable for work as scheduled.

    The employee will maintain satisfactory performance standards.

    The employee will maintain a safe and secure work environment at all times.

    The employee will report work-related injuries to their Director or supervisor as soon as practicable.

  • The employee agrees that Great Plains Technology Center equipment will not be used by anyone other than the employee and only for business-related work. The employee will not make any changes to security or administrative settings on Great Plains Technology Center equipment. The employee understands that all tools and resources provided by the school shall remain the property of the school at all times.

  • The employee agrees to protect school tools and resources from theft or damage and to report theft or damage to his or her Director or supervisor immediately.

    The employee agrees to comply with Great Plains Technology Center’s policies and expectations regarding information security. The employee will be expected to ensure the protection of school and student information accessible from their home offices.

    The employee understands that all terms and conditions of employment with the Great Plains Technology Center remain unchanged, except those specifically addressed in this agreement.

    The employee understands that school administration retains the right to modify this agreement on a temporary or permanent basis for any reason at any time.

    The employee agrees to return school equipment and documents within five days should the employee choose to terminate of employment.

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY